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Flyers Promoting Real Life Purge Circulate In Cities

The movie “The Purge” is undeniably freaky, and now, the bizarre storyline appears to be becoming real life in Louisville, Kentucky.

In the original movie “The Purge” and its current sequel, American citizens are given a 12-hour window once a year to commit any crimes they want, including murder, without punishment. The idea of a purge is obviously terrifying, and although it may seem farfetched, officials in Louisville, Kentucky are warning residents that a real life purge could be happening soon.

A flyer proposing the real life purge has been making its way around the city and all over social media, and now, the FBI, local police and public schools are all taking notice.

“Anytime that there is a treat that affects our community we are going to investigate that,” said Louisville Metro Police Sgt. Phil Russell. “Due to circumstances that have trended nationally in regards to flash mob violence, in light of what occurred this past spring here, we realize that these things can occur in an instant. If someone is threatening to harm members of our community, then we're going to investigate them and pursue that as best we can.”

Reports say Louisville isn’t the only city where there are threats of a real life purge. Kansas City, Detroit, Cleveland and Miami are reportedly all facing similar threats.

“Trying to do some of the stuff from the movies like murders, just a bunch of nonsense,” said Louisville resident Tiffany Stephan to WLKY.

Police are investigating the flyers and are hoping for more information to help them determine if the threat of a real life purge is legitimate.

Sources: Inquisitr, WLKY


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