Liberal Media Bias is Alive, Well and Very Real

Recently I was discussing media bias with my socially liberal but
fiscally conservative friend. She's your average college-educated,
middle-class busy mom of three who's politically aware but not
knee-deep in specifics.

When I told her I didn't want my children
growing up under the liberal umbrella of our public schools, she
conceded she doesn't like this either. But then this caveat: "I don't
want them growing up with conservative bias either. I want them to make
up their own minds about what to think."

This conversation stuck
with me, as I realized something about everyday Americans (like my
friend) who are too busy with their daily lives to be concerned with
media bias: they're confused.

Conservative bias is not the opposite
of liberal bias (though, I admit, this is a perfectly intelligent
assumption). Liberal bias exists for one reason: The overwhelming
majority of Americans in power -- college professors, the media, and
Hollywood -- are liberal-minded folks and believe being liberal is the good way, the right way, the only way, to be.

As a result, they refuse to acknowledge the conservative mindset --
depsite the fact that most people between New York and CA (where most
of the media and Hollywood folks reside) consider themselves
traditional Americans. To those in power, traditional-minded Americans
need to be enlightened to the inner workings of the liberal mind.

indoctrination begins in college, particularly for those who attend
schools on either coast, as I did. I was considered the "conservative"
girl from the Midwest when I attended Boston University, where most of
my friends hailed from the East Coast. I remember thinking even then
how crazy this seemed -- since I am not, and wasn't then, that
conservative in my beliefs.

It was only compared to modern liberals
that I appeared this way. One year I didn't attend a pro-choice rally
in Washington D.C. with my friends, for example. I might as well have
been a pariah! Funny thing was, I am not (and wasn't then) staunchly
pro-life; I'm just not a "ban together with other people to fight for
my rights" kind of gal. But this didn't matter. The fact that I wasn't
staunchly pro-choice was enough to marginalize me.

After college
the indoctrination continues every time you turn on your television or
read a magazine. Whether you're watching Lifetime television for women,
reading women's magazines, or trying to catch the news, you're
bombarded with liberals. You can't escape them. Unfortunately, to the
average American who's too busy to pay attention, this all smacks of

It is not paranoia.

To see the bias clearly,
you have to pay very close attention and take the time to study the
messages sent to you every day through the idiot box. Because, trust
me, that's what the folks in media are banking on: that you're too busy
to realize you're being indoctrinated. Even worse, as Bernard Goldberg
points out in "Bias," the folks in the media don't even know
they're biased. Their arrogance is so severe they truly, honestly
believe the liberal view of the world is the only view of the world.


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