Liam Neeson Prank Calls 'Taken' Co-Star's Ex-Boyfriend In Character (Video)

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“Taken” star, Liam Neeson, is apparently just as protective of his on-screen daughter, Maggie Grace, when the cameras aren’t rolling as he is in the hit movie franchise.

Grace visited Conan on Thursday and gushed about her co-star. “He’s like the best fake movie dad any girl could ask for,” she said. The 31-year-old star revealed to Conan O’Brien that Neeson even prank called her ex-boyfriend as his “Taken” character Bryan Mills. Grace recorded audio of the prank and shared it on Thursday’s show.

"This is Bryan Mills,” Neeson said in the recording. “We’ve never met, and if you play your cards right, we never will.

“Now listen, you’re lower than pond scum so I’m just going to say this once. You’ve made two mistakes: your first mistake was dating out of your league. Your second mistake, well, let’s just say any more mistakes and I’ll break your other arm – slowly.”

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Neeson then reminded the man who exactly Bryan Mills is, and why he should tread lightly.

“I don’t need to say it, but I have a particular set of skills,” Neeson said, referencing one of his character’s famous lines. “And I don’t want to waste them on you. Now get your s**t together.”

Let’s hope whomever Grace dates in the future doesn’t end up breaking her heart.

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