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"LGBT-Focused" School Curriculum Contested in Capistrano Unified School District

The Capistrano Unified School District school board meeting on Monday will be anything but calm.

Stan Wasbin, a father of four and San Clemente resident, plans to share his concerns about what he believes is a growing focus on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues in local schools.

The Capistrano Unified School District is the second largest school district in Orange County, with 51,000 students. In California, it’s the 12th largest and, in the nation, the 82nd largest.

According to the San Juan Capistrano Patch, Wasbin says the schools are turning into “re-education camps” because their curriculums are LGBT agenda-driven. In a three-page letter, Wasbin is asking that the official board take action.

Wasbin’s complaints are, in part, due to the new California law that requires the historical roles of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people to be included in social science classes.

Wasbin says that students already learn “enough:” “we want our children to learn math, music, science, English, art, American history and a foreign language or two,” reports Patch.

While he is not against students learning about important contributions made by a LGBT person, he doesn’t believe the person’s contributions should be taught simply because of his/her sexual identity. In fact, he doesn’t think public education shouldn’t be politicized in any way—right or left.

Wasbin is reported by Patch as saying, “the state political winds blow from the left; but tomorrow, they could blow from the right, and then our children may be forced to learn about the role and contributions of other groups, such as gun owners, death-penalty proponents and anti-abortion activists.”

The man has a point. At what point should schools abridge history, in order to include or not include certain contributions or people? Whose right is it to decide what does and doesn’t get taught in schools?

In his letter, Wasbin requests school district officials provide specifics as to how schools will execute the new California law. Not only that, he wants schools to implement a voluntary LGBT class students can take before or after school.

Is Wasbin’s request for details on how the school will implement the new law inappropriate? No. Parents should be allowed to know what their children are learning. But how far can this go? And, more importantly, how should schools handle the new law?


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