'I Feel Not Welcomed': Employee, Community Upset Over Animal Clinic's Anti-Gay Sign


Animal lovers got more than just a check-up for their cats and dogs when they visited a veterinarian clinic in Anthony, Texas, and came face to face with a controversial sign outside that made a big statement about its owner's thoughts on the LGBT community.

Dr. Jody Kincaid put up the following message on the marquee at Anthony Animal Clinic: “The GLBT Agenda is bad for America,” reports KFOX14.

Kincaid claims he was practicing his First Amendment rights when he put up the message and that he got the idea from reading about the owners of a bakery who refused to make a cake for a gay couple.

“While people have the right to be gay, at the same time, the gay movement has no business coming into a business and saying you have to do business the way we tell you,” Kincaid said.

One of the clinic’s former employees, Nick Diaz – who is openly gay – says he quit his job last week because he felt the message his boss was sending to both him and the community was hostile and inappropriate.

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“It just made me very sad that he would put a sign, an anti-gay sign, knowing that I’m an openly gay person and it would hurt my feelings,” Diaz said. “My decision to leave was due to me feeling pretty much discriminated and sad to be at a place I felt not welcomed.”

Diaz says Kincaid spoke to him about his "slipping performance" on the same day he put the message on the sign. His employer insists his right to express an opinion is not discrimination and that he will keep the sign up for at least two more weeks until he moves on to another topic.

“If the thought police run America we’re no longer a free country,” Kincaid said. “I would like to see Americans, my friends in Anthony, wake up and think about things.”

Source: KFOX14/Photo Credit: KFOX14, ElPasoTimes.com


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