Lexington, Massachusetts Cancels Pro-Gun Rally After Boston Bombings


In Lexington, Massachusetts, the Lexington Board of Selectmen voted to suspend all activities on Lexington's Battle Green (pictured) for two weeks, including a Second Amendment gun rally.

The emergency meeting was called after the bombings in Boston, which is about 20 miles away from Lexington.

The Lexington Board of Selectmen were concerned about a Second Amendment Rights Rally by the group 'Gun Rights Across America' that was to take place on Friday, April 19, reports Patch.com.

April 19 is also the anniversary of mass deaths in Waco, Texas and Oklahoma City. The Battle Green is where the American Revolution began on April 19, 1775.

“I think it’s certainly prudent for the town to take a look at that rally and discuss it further, and how it may impact out security issues,” Lexington Police Capt. Manny Ferro told Patch.com. “Public safety is at the forefront of anything that we do. There will be discussions, and there have been discussions about how we’re going to approach this.”

Police Chief Mark Corr said that state and federal authorities recommended that the tiny town of 30,000 cancel the gun rally, reported WickedLocal.com.

“I don’t have a safety net for this event, and we don’t know what the impact is on the immediate vicinity,” said Chief Corr.

“I am struggling because we don’t want the terrorists to prevail and not have them infringe on the freedoms we all cherish. At the same time we expect a high degree of safety by elected officials and public safety officers,” said Board Chairman Deb Mauger.

“By canceling this event aren’t we showing we are afraid? That they’ve won?” said Stephen Redfern, who organized the gun rally. “I think it’s important for our country, especially Lexington to stand our ground …I want nothing but a safe rally.”

Sources: Patch.com and WickedLocal.com


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