LeVar Burton Explains How He Avoids Being Shot by Police for Being Black (Video)


Actor LeVar Burton, former host of "Reading Rainbow" on PBS, was a cast member on the successful TV show "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and was in the miniseries "Roots." Unfortunately, he still fears being shot by police because of his skin color.

Burton recently told CNN about his plan for not being shot during a normal police traffic stop, reports RawStory.com (video below).

"When I get stopped by the police, I take my hat off and my sunglasses off, and put them on the passenger's side," Burton said. "I roll down my window, I take my hands, I stick them outside the window, on the door of the driver's side because I want that officer to be as relaxed as he can be when he approaches my vehicle and I do that because I live in America."

Tim Wise, the white author of the book "Colorblind," recalled how he was trying to break into his own car after being locked out. A police officer walked up to him, not to arrest him, but to help him break in.

“The cop was trying to help me break in," Wise said. "Now, there is not a black man in this country, 23 years of age, for whom that would have been the reaction."

Source: RawStory.com


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