Lettuce Ladies Fill Up Gas Tanks and Tummies


With food and gasoline prices entering the stratosphere, PETA's Lettuce Ladies thought that they would give people some food for thought and a message they could get some mileage out of. The Lettuce Ladies stopped at a 76 gas station in Santa Barbara and gave 2 gallons of free gas to the first 50 customers there. They even pumped! They also gave out free Tofurky sandwiches and vegetarian/vegan starter kits.

People were lined up to get free gasoline and take pictures with the ladies. And the vegan treats and starter kits flew out of the Lettuce Ladies' hands as people were telling each other that they had to try the sandwiches and asking where they could buy Tofurky. We just like to call it our Lettuce Lady economic stimulus package.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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