Letter From Grandpa Disowning Daughter For Rejecting Her Gay Son Creates Social Media Sensation

And the winner of the internet this week is —

— an anonymous grandpa whose letter to his daughter, blasting her for kicking her gay son out of the house, created a social media celebration.

The letter, signed simply, “Dad,” appeared Sept. 30 on the Facebook page for FCKH8.com, a marketer of T-shirts and other apparel bearing messages that counter anti-gay prejudice, such as, “Some dudes marry dudes. Get over it,” and “Straight against hate.”

As of Thursday morning, the posting had been “liked” 12,114 times and shared 5,537 times, receiving 676 comments, most of which appeared to be positive.

According to the Facebook page, the handwritten letter — do people even write handwritten letters anymore? — was “sent in by a supporter named Chad.” It appears to address the man’s daughter, named only as Christine, and her decision to disown her own son in extremely disapproving terms, while expressing unqualified support for his gay grandson.

“I’m disappointed in you as a daughter,” the letter begins. From the letter, it is possible to infer that “Christine” referred to her son’s sexual orientation as “a shame in the family.” But her father rebukes her right off the bat.

“You’re correct that we have ‘a shame in the family’ but mistaken about what it is,” the letter says. “Kicking Chad out of your home simply because he told you he was gay is the real ‘abomination’ here. A parent disowning her child is what goes ‘against nature.’”

Later in the letter, “Dad,” calls his daughter “hurtful, narrow-minded and backward,” going on to turn the tables, disowning her because he is now responsible for raising his grandson and as a result, “I don’t have time for heartless B word of a daughter.”

While the sentiments in the letter have been met with joy and approval across social media, some commenters raised doubts about the letter’s authenticity.

“Are these things real or are they just written by people who want to be the creator of the next thing to go viral?” wrote Carter-Ethan Rankin on the FCKH8 Facebook page. “I call BS. It's a nice story but, also sounds like the newest fake to me.”

So far, neither the grandfather nor his grandson “Chad” have revealed their identities, but FCK8 founder Luke Montgomery says the letter is real and was sent in by Chad himself.

“I'm trying to get the teen and his grandpa to come out publicly and do media interviews to spread the word,” said Montgomery in an e-mail to the web site Gawker.com. “Right now they are scared and a bit intimidated with all the requests because it seems the kid is not out.”

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