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Let's Talk About Sex -- Openly and Honestly

Our society is way too conservative in our values when it comes to sex. It is absolutely just and right for people to have different opinions regarding the "right" and "wrong" aspects of sex. This may include differing values regarding sex outside of marriage, casual sex, one night stands, etc...Whether this is moral or immoral is up to the person formulating the opinion regarding the particular practice in question. But people don't go far enough with respect to educating others about sex. Parents do not explain to their children why they feel the way they do and why their opinion about sex matters. Kids today simply lack a basic understanding of sex, anatomy, and sexual discussion talking points.

Whether we like it or not, teens are having sex, getting pregnant, transmitting various STD's and having illegitimate babies. It is happening today. It happened five years ago, and it has happened throughout history. People quickly blame others for society's problems, and convenient scapegoats include television and movie actors, various celebrities, and other famous influences who make having sex look "cool." Unwed celebrities seem to be the latest hip trend in Hollywood.

This would really all not be a problem, if we were more forthcoming in our discussions about sex and as a result we become more open about talking about sex. Gone would be vague judgments about morality, and people wouldn't feel ashamed to talk about sex. Sex quite frankly wouldn't be as mysterious or mystical. It wouldn't be dangerous or risque. People would not be drawn to it because it is "wrong" and therefore challenging and fun, and definitely "cool." It would be something more natural, and kids and teenagers would make better personal decisions about sexuality if they could talk about it openly.

The question is, why haven't we been talking about it openly? Do we want sexuality to continue to be something misapplied because of misinformation, or not enough information? Or do we want to reverse our society's repression with sexuality, educate our kids, and have a healthy tomorrow for our future generation?


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