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'Let Me In My House': Detroit Reporter Trolls Squatter Lynn Williams (Video)

On Tuesday, we told you about Detroit homeowner Sarah Hamilton and her squatter problem. In summary: Hamilton wants to sell her home, but a squatter, identified as Lynn Williams, has moved in and refuses to leave.

Hamilton went to the home with a prospective buyer when she discovered the squatter.

"I'm doing a third party short sale on the house,” Hamilton says. “I went to meet the guy there to basically finalize everything, let him walk through and there was someone squatting in the home.”

Hamilton ordered Williams to leave, but she refuses to do so. Threats have been exchanged, police have been called, and arrests have been made, yet Williams remains in the home.

The Detroit media has picked up the story in hopes of shaming the squatter. Yesterday, My Fox Detroit reporter Charlie LeDuff put out the best story yet with a special called “Squatting the Squatter.”

In the video, LeDuff goes to the home dressed in a bathrobe and speaks with Williams.

“I can legally go in there,” he says. “So, let me in my house.”

“Let you in your house?” Williams replies. “This is Lynn Williams’ house.”

“Well, it doesn’t say Lynn,” LeBuff quips back.

To see the rest of the humorous and pointed exchange, watch this video:

Sources: My Fox Detroit, YouTube


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