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Lesya Toumaniantz Lets Boyfriend Tattoo His Name Across Her Face

A Russian woman allowed her boyfriend to tattoo his name on her face in large, Gothic script font less than 24 hours after they first met. 

Lesya Toumaniantz met Rouslan Toumaniantz in an online chat room, and they "fell head over heels in love" with each other after meeting in Moscow. They then decided to get married, only after he tattooed "Rouslan" across her face.

"It's a symbol of our eternal devotion. I'd like him to tattoo every inch of my body," she said. 

Lesya is a fan of tattoos and is currently being trained by her husband to become a tattoo artist. She also wants to tattoo her entire body. 

She uploaded the photo of her tattooed face onto Facebook, with the phrase "All For Love" also tattooed above her eyebrow.

In the Facebook post, she wrote "All for Rouslan" and received much praise from her friends for the artwork.

"You must be so happy that you can wear that tattoo. Enjoy it. It looks great," one friend wrote. 

"Sooo beautiful. Even the style of the name fits your face well," another friend said. 

A friend of Lesya's said the couple dreams of having a family. 

"I know that there are people who are terrified that Lesya has made a rash decision that she'll regret horribly, but sometimes the best decisions are the ones you make in an instant with your heart rather than the ones long-debated in your mind," the friend said.

Rouslan has been in the news before for tattooing a woman's face. In 2009, he tattooed 56 stars across an 18-year-old's face, who later accused him of doing the work when she was asleep. 

Kimberley Vlaeminkin said she asked for three stars near her eye, but she fell asleep and woke up to a face covered in stars. 

She was going to sue him for the cost of removal, but a week later confessed that she had indeed asked for her face to be covered with 56 stars. She said she lied because she was afraid of her father's reaction. 

While laser removal could take away the black ink, it would still leave white marks across her face.

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