Lesbian Couple Says Restaurant Kicked Them Out For Kissing

A lesbian couple says the District American Kitchen & Wine Bar, located inside the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel, asked them to leave after they hugged and kissed. They were reportedly spotted in an embrace during their anniversary celebration, reports the Arizona Republic.

Arizona Equality Executive Director Nick Ray said: “I finally was able to speak to the general manager of the hotel. I’m not sure they really actually had a sense of the degree of anger they caused in the community, which they added to last night because they deleted dozens of (negative) comments off their Facebook page.”

According to Ray, Sheraton management was scheduled to meet with the couple on Tuesday: “My guess is going to be that this individual employee didn’t know how to deal with the situation and felt like he had to make a snap decision.“

A message posted on District Kitchen’s Facebook page Tuesday morning said the restaurant was “taking this incident very seriously.”


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