Lesbian Couple Fires Back At Chef Who Allegedly Said They Needed A Man


Ellie Parker says she and her girlfriend Lucy were dining at the Asahi Japanese Steakhouse in Lafayette, Indiana, on Valentine's Day when they were insulted by a chef.

Parker wrote on Facebook on Feb. 14:

"Our chef came to grill our food for us and was asking everyone if the person with them was their boyfriend or husband. He got to my girlfriend and I and asked where our valentines were. We told him we were each other's valentines. We were holding hands mind you.

"Clearly a couple. He proceeds to say 'well it is legal, but it's such a waste to not have a man.' Later he continues to insult our relationship by saying he could come home with us to 'heat things up.' I am appalled that I would receive this kind of treatment. I cannot believe I paid over $50 to have my relationship insulted and sexualized."

In addition to the posting, Yahoo News notes the couple left a message on their receipt instead of a tip: "Don’t tell lesbians they need a man on Valentine’s Day.”

Parker's mother Aimee later added an update on Facebook: "The restaurant would only refund her money if she removes her post. I'm proud that my daughter knows that no amount of money is worth compromising her values or hiding the truth!!"

Sources: Yahoo News, Ellie Parker/Facebook (2) / Photo credit: Ellie Parker/Facebook

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