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Lena Dunham Draws Ire For Father's Day Tweet


Actress Lena Dunham drew ire across social media after she posted what read like an anti-Father’s Day message.

"You don’t need a father -- so many families work so many ways -- but if you have one he better werk," wrote the “Girls” star June 17. The post quickly gained steam after conservative blogger Mark Dice and others reposted it after it had been deleted by Dunham, per Breitbart.

"It never ends," wrote Donald Trump Jr., son of U.S. President Donald Trump, over Twitter. "Would be great to have just 1 day without the unnecessary SJW commentary. Doubt there was a similar comment on Mother’s Day."

The post was quickly deleted by Dunham, although several users had already captured the tweet in a screenshot and were adding their comments.

"People do need fathers, you have one that you seem to love & who has enriched your life," wrote one user on Twitter. "Why rob someone of that?"

Other commenters responded with practical evidence that fathers play an integral role in child-rearing.

"I run a non profit that works with pairing at risk youth with mentors," wrote one user. "The majority, 80%, come from fatherless homes. Kids need dads."

Dunham seemed to respond to criticism of her tweet through an exchange with Daily Wire writer Amanda Prestigiacomo. Prestigiacomo had also captured Dunham’s original tweet, and posted the screenshot with the caption: "Lena Dunham’s man-hating coward behind deleted this tweet. Here it is, Twitter."

Dunham responded with the explanation that she does not take issue with fathers or men in general, rather that she wants people to be more inclusive to families that fall outside societal norms.

"I love men, I love alternative families and the only thing I hate is people who can't respect a diversity of family dynamics. Peace," responded Dunham to Prestigiacomo.

Prestigiacomo also presented several statistics to show the damage that can be caused by fatherless homes. 63 percent of youths who commit suicide come from a fatherless home, as well as 70 percent of all juvenile inmates in state-operated institutions. Children without fathers account for 71 percent of all high school dropouts, as well as 85 percent of all children displaying some sort of behavioral disorder.

Dunham, 31, was born and raised in New York City in a traditional household. She has mentioned her close relationship with her father and that he was the first person to teach her how to use a tampon, she explained through a lengthy post on Instagram, per Breitbart.

Sources: Breitbart(2), Daily Wire / Photo credit: David Shankbone/Flickr

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