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Leila Tarantino Says Cops Forcibly Removed Tampon During Traffic Stop

Citrus County Sheriff’s Department is under fire after Leila Tarantino claims that she was stopped by an officer and had her tampon “forcibly removed” in front of her children last July.

The NewTimes reports that on July 17, 2011,Tarantino was pulled over by Citrus County officers after approaching a stop sign and coming to a complete halt. What followed was witnessed by her two children sitting inside the car.

Tarantino claims that weapons were raised against her and was forced to sit inside the sheriff’s car for two hours, without an explanation given to her. Several officers arrived later, allegedly strip searching the plaintiff two times by the roadside.

The incident culminated when the detainee had her tampon removed by a female officer, presumably in search of drugs or other contraband. According to Leila’s claim, the officers never summoned drug-sniffing dogs nor found anything that would confirm their suspicions.

The incident resulted in Tarantino receiving a citation.

A lawsuit has been made against the department, involving six officers, one of them female.


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