LEGO Line for Girls: Sexist and Offensive?

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The classic children's toy LEGOs has come out with a new line for girls that some are calling sexist and offensive.

The LEGO Friends line features female characters and the blocks to build a house, a cafe and a beauty salon.

The problem? Well, according to eating disorder specialist Carolyn Costin, the characters are slim and wear stylish clothes, which could "contribute to gender stereotyping that promotes body dissatisfaction in girls," according to the Los Angeles Times.

Costin said in a statement the toys suggest "that being pretty is more important than who you are or what you can do."

LEGO, though, says that is a bunch of nonsense.

"We heard very clear requests from moms and girls for more details and interior building, a brighter color palette, a more realistic figure, role play opportunities and a story line that they would find interesting," Mads Nipper, LEGO executive vice president said in a statement. "We want to correct any misinterpretation that Lego Friends is our only offering for girls. This is by no means the case. We know that many girls love to build and play with the wide variety of Lego products already available."

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