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Leggings, Tights Sparks Controversy In Marlow, Oklahoma Schools

Marlow School District officials already banned leggings and tights, but are now cracking down on the popular clothing after receiving reports of bullying and harassment.

Several female students say boys have made derogatory comments about their leggings and tights. A school meeting was held Wednesday to discuss the issue, which quickly sparked a social media debate.

“There’s over 200 comments just on this one thread,” Lisa Elam, a mother with two girls in the district told KSWO.

She had heard a rumor about a ban on skinny jeans.

“That’s where I had the problem, that’s where I got upset, because, 90 percent of their wardrobe is skinny jeans,” Elam said. “That’s the style.”

However, George Coffman, superintendent of Marlow Public Schools says that is just a rumor.

“We did not tell them they couldn’t wear skinny jeans,” he said. But leggings are prohibited. But students do choose to wear them, “they just need to make sure they are appropriate and [wear] something to cover the back and the front.”

Some students, both male and female, oppose the ban.

“For the most part the mainstream fashion trend is skinnier, tighter clothing,” Austin Strain, a junior at Marlow High, said. “Banning it is just ridiculous. It’s uncalled for; and frankly, kind of unfeasible.”

Strain started a petition against the school’s demands and has collected almost 50 signatures so far.

“They should be allowed to wear what they wants and express themselves so long as they are not pushing the limits of public indecency,” Strain said.

A ban and the controversy surrounding it, on leggings and other tight clothing is nothing new. A recently enforced ban on yoga pants and leggings at a Massachusetts high school was protested by 20 female students who decided to wear body-hugging pants to school last week. They were sent home and given a warning.

At Wednesday’s meeting with all high school girls, Marlow school officials also brought up a potential ban in the future to hair coloring, arguing that it may be a distraction in classrooms. It has yet to be approved.

Source: KSWO, WFXT Fox 25


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