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Legendary New York Roller Coaster Gets Stuck On Tracks, Stranding Passengers

Riders on a legendary New York roller coaster got an adrenaline rush from an unlikely source Sunday when the Coney Island Cyclone got stopped in its tracks. 

WNBC News reports passengers had hopped aboard the ride on the opening day of the coaster’s home, Luna Park, and were likely bracing for the excitement of a plunge down one of the Cyclone’s steep dives when the cars got stuck on a climb. 

It was the Cyclone’s first public run of the season.

Luna Park spokeswoman blamed the mishap on an "isolated mechanical issue.”

She said park staff climbed up to the stuck cars and helped passengers down one by one. 

“Safety is the number one priority for our guests here at Luna Park,” Hoffman told CNN. “Nobody was injured and those on the ride were safely evacuated and will be able to come ride again for free when it is open again.

Slowly stepping down the steep incline proved more exciting than the ride itself for some. 

"It was terrifying, because I was up there and everything was spinning," Gabriella Centeno told WNBC. "I didn't know what to do.”

Anna Dartany said she was thankful for the staff’s help. 

"I'm scared of heights," she said. "But with their help I made it down. ... This was insane.”

The coaster remained closed for the rest of the day.

Neither of rescued riders who spoke to WNBC indicated if they would take Hoffman’s offer to come back and ride for free. 

The 88-year-old wooden roller coaster was once considered the standard that other coaster designers tried to match, according CNN. 

First opened in 1927, the Cyclone boasts 2,640 feet of track and 12 steep drops. The ride was one of the major attractions when the Coney Island park, once known as Astroland, was in its heyday. The Cyclone was named an official New York City landmark in 1988, and placed on the New York State Register of Historic Places in 1991. 

Sources: WNBC News, CNN

Photo Credit: CNN


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