Woman Faces Three Years In Jail For 'Simple Mistake'


The border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey is one that is often traversed, especially by residents of Philadelphia or the New Jersey towns that essentially act as suburbs of that city. 

A Philadelphia mother, however, has quickly learned that the gun laws drastically differ in the two states. After being caught with a handgun in New Jersey which she possesses legally in Philadelphia, she now faces three years in jail. 

The woman, 27-year-old Shaneen Allen, was reportedly pulled over for an unsafe lane change in New Jersey’s Atlantic County. According to Fox News, she informed the officer who had pulled her over that she had a .380 Bersa Thunder handgun and hollow-point bullets in her vehicle. 

Allen also had a concealed carry permit for the state of Pennsylvania, although that permit does not legally protect her since she was caught with the weapon in New Jersey. 

Speaking with Fox News, Allen’s attorney Evan Nappen claimed that his client had only owned the gun for a week after being the victim of multiple robberies in her home state. 

“The officer knew there was a gun there, she was completely honest and open. There’s no aggravating factors in this case; she’s a single mom of two, working in the medical field who was robbed twice and that’s what inspired her to get a gun license in the first place,” said Nappen. 

According to Reason.com, a judge has also declined Nappen’s request to allow Allen to enter a diversion program in order to avoid jail time.


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