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Store Employee With Concealed Carry Permit Guns Down Would-Be Robbers

After two men allegedly attempted to rob a T-Mobile store in Chicago, the store’s district manager, Neil Tadros, told the Chicago Tribune, “Thank God for concealed carry.”

On Jan. 13 two men, ages 24 and 35, walked into the store and, after pretending to look at phones, allegedly pulled out guns. One of the store’s employees had a concealed carry permit and, while another employee called for help, he fired on the would-be robbers, WLS reported.

The 35-year-old suspect was shot in his left arm and groin and the the 24-year-old was shot in his left arm and abdomen. Although they fled the scene, the men had to go to a nearby hospital for treatment, where police arrested them.

Charges against them are now pending, but they remain hospitalized in serious condition.

Tardos believes the situation might have ended differently if the employee, who hasn’t been identified, was unarmed.

"I think concealed carry is a great opportunity for managers, workers, employees to protect themselves in these cases. And our employee did a great job to protect themselves and the other employee,” he said. 

AJ Joudeh, a T-Mobile regional manager, said employees with concealed carry permits are allowed to have weapons at work.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, WLS / Photo credit: Ibro Palic/Flickr

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