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Legal concealed weapon ruins robbery try

Legal concealed weapon ruins robbery try

Cincinnati Police are investigating a shooting where it appears a robber left the scene with the victim’s cell-phone in his hand, and a slug from the victim’s gun in his lower abdomen.

Police say the robber ran into someone with a concealed-carry permit, and at some point the would-be victim was able to get his gun out and shoot the suspect, who took off running from the shooting scene on Rosemont Avenue south of Glenway in West Price Hill.

He dropped the permit-holder’s cellular phone somewhere on a six block run to West Liberty Street just west of Manss Avenue. That is where the suspect dropped to the ground and was found suffering from a gunshot wound.

The suspect was taken to the hospital and District Three officers were given the case.

Three people have been charged in connection with the case. Troy Hammond, 21, Tremaine Hughes, 22, and Todd Hammond are all charged with aggravated robbery. Todd Hammond was the suspect who was taken to the hospital. The other two are in the Hamilton County Justice Center.


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