Left Wing Activists in Spain Steal School Supplies, Plan to Give Them To School Kids


A group of left-wing activists in Spain loaded up shopping carts with school supplies and openly stole them Thursday.

Calling it a “symbolic act for equal opportunity” the group, the Andalusian Union of Workers, promised to distribute the items to needy children.

Spain’s Interior Ministry promised to uncover the union members who “robbed” the Carrefour supermarket. According to an AFP photographer, more than 200 members of the Andalusian Union of Workers filled 10 carts with school supplies, loaded everything into vans and left.

“The Interior Ministry will act severely and firmly in this matter,” said a ministry spokesman.

But this isn’t the first time something like this happened. The union organized a similar theft last year.

The union is led by Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordilla, the mayor of Marinaleda and the deputy for the United Left – the Communist party – in the Parliament of the Andalusia. He’s also history teacher. He prides himself on transforming his poor, rural town into what he has called a “communist utopia.”

“We want to draw attention to the situation of the two million Andalusians in poverty and the 400,000 families who receive no aid or benefit and have all members unemployed,” Andalusian Union of Workers said in a statement.

Andalusia was hit hard by the recession. Unemployment there is a whopping 38.5 percent.

Spain’s economic decline may have hit millennials the hardest – 55 percent of young people in Spain are unemployment.

The crisis prompted 22-year-old Barbara Victoria Palomares-Romero to call her general a “lost cause.”

“Our generation is a lost cause because they don’t let us work,” said Palomares-Romero told NBC.

Overall unemployment in the country is 26 percent.

Sources: France 24, Raw Story, NBC News


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