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Woman Who Is Walked On Leash Like A Dog Has Disappeared (Photos)

A young woman who made the rounds on social media for her "puppy play" relationship with her partner has not been seen since Christmas. She is believed to have absconded with her boyfriend.

Anna Teshu -- who habitually is walked on a leash -- was reported missing after last being seen at her mother's home in Staten Island, New York, on Christmas Eve, the Daily Mail reports.

A Facebook page that features pictures of the 23-year old under the name "Anna Matranga" was last updated on Jan. 1. 

The young woman went viral after pictures of her being walked on a leash attached to a spiked collar around her neck through a Staten Island mall emerged. Teshu's then-fiance, Nathan Riely, 30, led her around the mall in a openly expressed a BDSM "puppy play" relationship in May 2015.

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The pair said they found the leash more romantic than traditional displays of affection and that their sex life was "normal."

"The leash and collar are symbols of our bond to one another," Riely said at the time, the New York Daily News reported. "The collar is like a ring for most couples. They use rings, we have a collar."

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At the time, Teshu went by the name "Xena, Nathan's puppy" and liked being walked on a leash by Riely. She even took naps in a small dog cage, pictures of which have been posted to Facebook. 

Teshu since ended her engagement to Riely and embarked on a new "puppy play" relationship with Paul Matranga. She has since updated her status on Facebook to say she is married to Matranga. 

Teshu was charged with animal cruelty in June 2015 when she reportedly abandoned Riely's German shepherd dog, Scout, in a hot car, where it died from heatstroke. 

She had locked the dog in the vehicle, which the pair were living out of during that time, so she could attend a court hearing for Riely, who had been charged with illegal gun possession, court documents reveal. 

Teshu was considered mentally unfit to go through trial and the case was dropped against her, SI Live reports. 

Her lawyer, Allen Cappelli, said his client was mentally ill.

He said: "She's not a circus freak. She's a disabled person."

Teshu revealed she sought to be treated like a puppy since she was 13 years old.

"The first time I put on a collar I thought 'Now I need to find someone for the other end,'" she said.  

Police have issued public calls for information about Teshu's whereabouts.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News, SI Live / Photo credit: YouTube, VictorKingNYC/Instagram via Daily Mail, Facebook via Daily Mail

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