Woman Asks For Help Finding Stranger Who Keyed Her Car, Left Nasty Note (Photos)


A South Carolina woman took to Facebook to ask for help in identifying the person responsible for keying her car.

Mandy Reeves Townes visited Baptist Easley Urgent Care Clinic in Powdersville, South Carolina, on Jan. 2 because she thought she had broken her arm, WHNS reported.

Townes could only use one arm to park her vehicle, according to the incident report. She was not square in the space.

When Townes left the clinic, she realized her car had been vandalized and that someone left her a note.

“Was impossible for me to get into my car -- you parked so close," the note read. "Learn to drive.”

On Jan. 4, Townes posted a detailed account of the incident on Facebook, along with pictures of the damage done to her car. She went on to ask the public for help in identifying the culprit. She wrote:

On January 2, 2016, at approximately 5:00pm I was a patient at MD360 in Powdersville, SC. I drove myself to MD360 because I thought my arm was broken. When I had finished in MD360, it was after closing time, around 6:30pm. I went to my car, and there was a note on it written on a prescription drug notepad (please see attached picture). The person who left the note also keyed both sides of my Jetta (please see pictures). MD360 says there is nothing to see on the security tapes that will help me find out who did this. The damage to my car's paint is extensive, it will require all 4 doors and 1 quarter panel to be repainted and likely cost me over $1000. I have filed a police report, but I still need your help to catch this person.

Baptist Easley Hospital Marketing and Public Relations Manager Chad Carlson issued the following statement to WHNS:

First, we are really disappointed that this happened to a patient of our facility.  Baptist Easley does not tolerate this type of behavior and will help in the investigation in any way possible.  The video footage has been pulled and sent to Anderson County Police Department.  I have not seen the video or know what was captured.  The Anderson County Police are handling the investigation and can disclose what is on the video. We certainly are very disappointed, and we hope that the Anderson Police Department is successful in solving the case.

Sources: WHNS, Mandy Reeves Townes/Facebook / Photo credit: WHNS

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