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LeAndrae Blackman Allegedly Kills Boyfriend's Dogs, Hides them in Suitcase

LeAndrae D. Blackman, 20 (pictured), reportedly killed two little Chihuahua-mix dogs belonging to his boyfriend in Joliet, Illinois, and hid their bodies in a suitcase while he pretended to help look for them. Blackman was living with the owner of Roscoe and Honey when the little dogs disappeared on March 23, according to

For the following week, Blackman helped put up fliers and seemed to be looking for them. Then the two men had an argument, and the boyfriend kicked him out of the apartment, Joliet Police Commander Brian Benton stated.

On April 1, Blackman was allegedly moving his belongings to an apartment in Aurora, IL, when he crashed the blue 1999 Volvo he was driving into two cars at Montgomery Road and Fourth Avenue. A police check showed that the Volvo had been reported stolen from Bolingbrook two months earlier, theHerald Sunreports.

At that time Blackman was only cited for driving without a license, operating an uninsured vehicle and failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident.Four days later a warrant was issued charging Blackman with possession of a stolen vehicle. However, Blackman was not picked up on the warrant. Police believe he had moved to Florida by that time.

On April 9, he sent a text message to his former lover, telling him to “look in a suitcase under the stairs.” The bodies of the two missing Chihuahua’s were inside.Blackman then left several texts and voicemails for the distraught man taunting him about the dead dogs, Benton said.

On Thursday, June 7, detectives in the Joliet Police Department obtained a warrant charging Blackman with two counts of aggravated cruelty to an animal and two counts of cruel treatment of an animal, with a $100,000 bond, theHerald Sunreports.

Blackman had a prior arrest for battery in November 2010, when he was charged with “touching a girl inappropriately” at Bolingbrook High School, according to JolietPatch.The judge in the case ordered Blackman to see a psychologist.

Psychologist Marcia S. Gibson wrote a letter which was filed with the court, stating that “she didn’t believe Blackman was a threat to himself or others.” She also wrote that, although Blackman had anger issues, he’d been able to control them.

According to the JolietPatch report, Blackman denied touching the girl, but admitted that as a child he would “explode, break things” when classmates “pushed his buttons.” He said he was suspended for two days for punching a kid in the face.

Although he told the doctor he had never been violent or exposed to violence, according to the court letter, his father went to prison for molesting a girl.

Blackman also told the psychologist he chose not to be around people with bad attitudes because they could affect his mood.Gibson wrote that Blackman told her, “don’t get on my bad side because if you do, I’ll cut you out of my life.”



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