Prankster Brothers Warned By Community Leaders That Their Jokes Could Get Them Killed (Video)


Leaders in a Brooklyn community are warning two brothers that their relentless pranking could wind up getting them hurt.

Moe and Et Etayyim have reportedly been pranking residents in the Brownsville and Bedford-Stuyvesant areas of Brooklyn nonstop and filming it to post to YouTube. In most of the prank videos, the brothers try to provoke strangers by sitting on their laps, grabbing their cellphones, or farting on them. The pranks are obviously immature, and while they may seem harmless, the brothers have already been faced with violent reactions from some people they’ve pranked. Reports say that one man pulled a gun on them after being harassed by the brothers, and now, community leaders are asking the boys to stop out of fear for their own safety.

“It’s not funny because you have people who are characteristically under-served, who may have been victimized or feel they have been victimized,” City Councilman Robert Cornegy said. “We’ve suffered with the monicker ‘Do or Die Bed-Stuy’ for decades and now were at the point where people are having a renewed pride in their community and to do this sets us back decades. They are coming in, provoking unnecessarily and irresponsibly black and Latino men and for what? So they can get YouTube ratings. It’s ridiculous.”

Community advocate Tony Herbert says he’s concerned for the safety of the brothers and worries that they’ll try to prank the wrong person at the wrong time.

“How stupid are they?” asked Herbert to the NY Daily News. “They are particularly targeting minority neighborhoods. Somebody is going to get hurt. They are putting their lives in jeopardy.”

Despite concern from members of the community, the brothers say the pranks are “just for fun” and that they are going to “just keep doing it.”

“Every time we go out to prank, we are never serious,” Moe told the NY Daily News. “We don’t think about it. We don’t make anybody’s day go wrong.”

Some have accused the brothers of targeting black and Hispanic people in lower-income areas, but the pranksters say they don’t discriminate and actually try to target everybody.

Sources: NY Daily News, Gothamist, PIX 11 News


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