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LAX Shooter Used Assault Weapon, Carried 'Anti-Government' Writings (Video)

A gunman shot and killed an unidentified TSA employee and wounded several other people inside the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) today.

According to UPI, the gunman was identified as Paul Ciancia, who "may have had strong anti-government views, based on writings he was carrying with him at the airport."

NBC News also reported that Ciancia, 23, had “anti-government materials” on him at the time of the shooting (video below).

Ciancia allegedly pulled a 223-caliber semiautomatic assault-style rifle from his bag after walking inside the airport and started firing inside Terminal 3, stated Los Angeles Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon.

Passengers ran for cover inside airport restaurants and ran out on the airport tarmac while Ciancia walked past a security checkpoint and into the boarding area, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Ciancia reportedly kept firing inside the airport as Los Angeles Airport Police pursued him.

He was finally shot in the chest several times near some restaurants at the rear of a boarding area.

FAA officials stopped LAX-bound flights from taking off from other airports, causing delays around the country.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, NBC News, UPI


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