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Lawyers Claim Driver's Sexting Caused Fatal Four-Car Collision

A man who was at the center of a fatal four-car collision in October 2013 was allegedly sexting at the time of the accident -- and is now back on the road.

Dino Morris, who was driving for the State Transportation Department, started a deadly pile-up when his Caltrans sweeper plowed into and crushed a Honda Civic while going about 50 mph. This caused a chain reaction that pushed a Toyota Camry into a big rig, flipping the Camry in the process.

The driver of the Civic, Rogelio Torres, sustained fatal injuries, while the driver of the Camry, Cheryl Durbin, came away with serious injuries.

"It was the strongest impact I've ever felt in a car," she told CBS News. "It was unstoppable."

Durbin broke two lower-back bones, one of her ribs and a big toe, and suffered a collapsed lung.

Currently the families of the victims involved have a pending lawsuit against Caltrans.

A deposition acquired by CBS states that Morris and his girlfriend were exchanging explicit text messages just minutes before the accident.

"We will be having sex all day," Morris' girlfriend wrote, followed by "sex, sex, sex."

According to the New York Daily News, Morris responded, "nasty a--." 

His girlfriend sent, "I want ur tongue," two minutes before the accident. 

Caltrans had initially motioned for the court to keep the text records under wraps, but the motion was denied, CBS reports.

Morris claimed he didn't remember any of the text messages. 

"I'm sure it did [distract him]," Durbin said upon seeing the texts for the first time. "It just seems so avoidable. It didn't have to happen, if he had been paying attention." 

Durbin, who underwent a spinal fusion nine months ago, is now walking. 

Morris initially had his license suspended for six months after the accident and, as a result, lost his job with Caltrans. However, he now drives a dump truck.

Source: CBS News Los Angeles, CBS News 2, NY Daily News / Photo Credit: CBS News


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