Lawyer: More Masseurs May Accuse John Travolta of Sexual Harassment

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John Travolta’s attorneys are expecting an onslaught of fresh allegations against their client, and they aren’t wasting any time preparing his defense.

This week Marty Singer, one of The Grease actor’s attorneys, demanded that the masseur suing Travolta for allegedly getting a bit handsy during a Beverly Hills massage appear at his office for a May 17th deposition.

The masseur’s lawyer argues that the fast-track tactic is way out of the ordinary and likely aimed at intimidating his client.

"It’s completely improper under the rules of a federal case,” said Okorie Okorocha, attorney for the plaintiff. According to the Daily News Okorocha called Singer a “bully.”

Okorocha brought suit on behalf of his client May 4, alleging that Travolta fondled his masseur during a January session and made lewd and lascivious comments amounting to harassment. A second male massage therapist joined the lawsuit soon after the allegations were made public.

Singer called the lawsuit “ridiculous,” but Okorocha said more plaintiffs are prepared to come forward. By the time all is said and done, Okorocha expects that Travolta and his attorneys will have to call half of Beverly Hills liars.


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