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Lawyer Jeremy Oliver on Trial for Offering Discount in Exchange for Sex with Teens

A lawyer in Oklahoma is awaiting trial for allegedly offering to reduce his client’s legal fees in exchange for having sex with her and her two teen daughters.

Jeremy Oliver sent the mother lewd text messages, one of which said he would give her a $1,000 discount in exchange for sexual favors or nude pictures of the older teen. He also said he would give her $500 off for pictures of the younger 13-year-old girl.

Officers were sent to Oliver’s house on Monday. Upon searching his home, they found marijuana along with hundreds of naked photos of women, indicating that there may be other victims.

Authorities have been investigating Oliver, 33, for weeks.

Along with asking to have sex and nude photos of the young girls, he also sent the mother a photo of his genitals.

When he was arrested, he did not deny sending the texts, and simply said, “It is what it is.”

It is not the first time he has worked with the client. In 2012, he represented her when she was accused of being a fugitive from justice. The case was dismissed last month.

Now, Oliver is the one needing representation. He faces numerous charges, including soliciting sexual contact with a minor by use of technology, distributing obscene material and marijuana possession.

He was released from jail on Tuesday on $25,000 bond.

In an email to MailOnline, he said, “I am not guilty of the charges. I have retained an attorney and the true facts will come out in Court.”

Oliver obtained his law degree from Oklahoma City University of Law in 2008.

According to his site, he focuses on criminal and family law, as well as civil litigation, juvenile and guardianship cases.

He writes that he is a “proud citizen of the Chickasaw Indian Nation” and also handles legal issues regarding Native Americans.

His site also explains that he serves as a general counsel for the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma and as attorney general to the legislators of the Cheyenne Arapaho Nation.


Photo Credit: News 9


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