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California Dad Hosts Drunken Playboy-Themed Party For His 18-Year-Old Daughter

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A Poway, California lawyer was arrested after reportedly throwing an alcohol-fueled birthday party for his 18-year-old daughter and hundreds of her friends.

Sherrif’s deputies broke the party up after a neighbor’s complaints led them to the house of Jeff Lake, who was reportedly celebrating his daughter Olivia’s 18th birthday. When authorities arrived, they say they discovered many of Olivia’s friends drinking alcohol. Two of them, according to 10 News, seemd to have passed out after drinking too much.

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Guests at the party were reportedly dressed in racy outfits and posed for selfies with alcoholic beverages in their hands. Olivia’s mother, Jacki Lake, posted a birthday tribute to her daughter online and jokingly instructing her not to “get arrested.” Lake was reportedly once the PTA president at Olivia's high school. 

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Jeff Lake was arrested and charged with violating the town’s social host ordinance, which makes it illegal to host a party with underage individuals consuming alcohol. He faces a possible six-month jail sentence.

“You have a party like this and it's as though you're handing out hand grenades as party favors. It’s a disaster waiting to happen,” Poway Mayor Steve Vaus said. “I'd like to put a scarlet letter in front of the homes of people that do this, to say you can't trust these folks, they make bad decisions related to kids' safety.”

A few days after the party, Olivia posted on Twitter, thanking the nearly 200 attendees for coming to her party.

“Huge thanks to everyone who was able to be a part of last night!” she said. “I hope you all had a damn good time and that you're all okay and safe."

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