Lawsuit Shows Frustration With Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Search


There comes a time when a tragedy no longer is an international media sensation, when the world stops caring and all but abandons those most immediately affected. The crowds of protesters demanding justice grow slimmer as time passes, but the pain remains with Trayvon and Michael Brown’s parents. A nation like Haiti struggles to rebuild from natural disaster even though the influx of international aid has shifted its attention elsewhere. The list goes on. 

It’s been nearly eight months since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared on its path from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. No matter how you felt about the ensuing media coverage, the CNN overload or any of the conspiracy theory speculation as to how and why the plane disappeared, the facts remain the same: an aircraft went missing along with all 239 people on board. Those people have friends and families who can only be growing more and more frustrated as the search proves unsuccessful and the rest of the world seems to have given up or lost interest.

Discussion of the search for Flight MH370 returned to the news today, as a pair of Malaysian boys filed a lawsuit against Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian government for negligence regarding the loss of their father. According to Al-Jazeera, 13-year-old Jee Kinson and 11-year-old Jee Kinland claim the country's civil aviation department did not attempt to establish contact with the plane in a reasonable amount of time. 

It’s the first legal action taken against the airline company or the Malaysian government following the plane’s disappearance, and it represents the frustration and disappointment that’s been building up for the past eight months. 

“The question is, could we have salvaged the situation if action was taken earlier? We want accountability,” said attorney Arunan Selvaraj.

Like everything involving this missing aircraft case, that may be an impossible question to answer. No one has claimed responsibility for the plane’s disappearance, and search crews are still relatively clueless as to where any debris may have landed. It’s a long, difficult process, but hopefully this and future legal action will ensure that families on the ground are not forgotten.


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