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Mom: School Guard Handcuffed My 6-Year-Old Girl (Video)

Marlena Wordlow filed a lawsuit against Chicago Public Schools and a former school security guard on Aug. 11. She asserts that the guard handcuffed her 6-year-old daughter and placed the child near some boilers for over an hour at Fernwood Elementary School in March (video below).

"He was pulling Madisyn from under the stairs with her hands behind her back," Wordlow told WLS-TV. "I don't know how long she was under there, but she was sweating. She still had on a jacket. It was a little warm outside, so I'm trying to figure out why she still had her jacket on."

According to Wordlow's lawsuit, the guard's actions were over an alleged stolen piece of candy and constituted excessive force, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Wordlow said her daughter is scared of the dark, and fears anyone dressed like the police.

The concerned mom took her daughter out of Fernwood Elementary, and alleges that CPS didn't help her find a new school for her youngster.

"I would like to know why he hasn't been prosecuted," Jeffrey Granich, Wordlow's lawyer, added. "This is a battery. This is an assault. This is false imprisonment."

CPS said in a statement on Aug. 10: "The safety and well-being of our students is vitally important to the District, and we take these allegations seriously. Once the incident came to light, the District immediately took the appropriate steps to address this situation and ensure our students' safety."

WLS-TV notes that CPS also said the guard had been fired and a "do not hire" note was put in his file.

Granich told the news station on Aug. 10, "I can't imagine a situation where anybody working in a school would ever conceive that this is an appropriate way to behave, an appropriate way to discipline a child."

"It's not even really about the lawsuit, it's about just letting people know you can't treat children like that," Wordlow added. "She's only six."

Sources: WLS-TV (2) / Photo credit: WLS-TV via YouTube

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