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'Touching. Kissing. Being Naughty': Ex-Police Chief Allegedly Sent Creepy Text Message To Another Cop's Wife

A former New Jersey police chief is being sued after sending sexually explicit text messages to the wife of one of his officers.

Police Chief Kenneth Hartman’s 25-year law-enforcement career just took a big hit.

Det. Jason Shanaphy has filed a lawsuit against the former police chief, revealing a series of creepy and shameless text messages Hartman allegedly sent to his wife last year, My Central Jersey reported.

"Have thought about texting you for over a year. Want to have sex with you. I'm serious," Hartman wrote in one text message, according to court documents. "One time just you and me. One time. Darkness. Touching. Kissing. Being naughty. You and me."

Hartman went on to call Shanaphy’s wife “yummy.” He claimed that both of their marriages lacked passion, and repeatedly asked her to delete his text messages, knowing that they could “ruin” him.

At one point, Hartman even blamed his desire for Shanaphy’s wife on the fact that his own cancer-stricken wife had undergone chemotherapy.

Hartman is accused of sending 22 sexually explicit text messages to Shanaphy's wife over a 45-minute time period, as shown below:

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"The chief's actions toward Officer Shanaphy and his wife constitute a serious abuse of his public office," the lawsuit claims. "The demand for sexual favors of a subordinate officer's spouse and accompanying implied threat of adverse treatment of a subordinate employee in the workplace if the demand was not met are the equivalent of quid pro quo sexual harassment, which is prohibited by the Law Against Discrimination."

Shanaphy also accuses Hartman of stifling his career, promoting other officers with less experience than him to higher positions. The 44-year-old Army veteran of Operation Desert Storm began his career in 1994 and has had an unblemished record as a detective, according to the lawsuit.

Shanaphy originally filed a complaint against Hartman regarding the text messages, according to the NY Daily News. Hartman allegedly apologized for the messages and the complaint was dismissed.

However, following the complaint, Shanaphy was demoted from detective to patrolman, the lawsuit claims.

“(Shanaphy) has been relegated to the position of patrolman despite his seniority and extensive training and experience, while other less experienced officers have been promoted in an arbitrary and capricious manner,” the lawsuit claims.

Hartman allegedly prevented Shanaphy from applying to be an undercover narcotics detective under the pretense that he has a young child.

The lawsuit also claims that Hartman’s pursuit of Shanaphy’s wife "is not an isolated instance of such conduct toward spouses or romantic partners of employees and other representatives of the borough."

Hartman retired from his position on May 1, just before Shanaphy’s attorney prepared to file the lawsuit in Superior Court in Somerville.

Shanaphy is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit.

Sources: My Central Jersey, NY Daily News

Photo Credit: My Central Jersey


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