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Lawsuit: New Jersey Cops Broke 60-Year-Old Man's Arm (Video)

Steven S. Kahn has filed a lawsuit against Burlington City, New Jersey, and its police department over an incident that happened in February 2014 (video below).

Kahn, who was 60 years old at the time, was sitting in a car with a young woman at about 3:30 a.m when the police arrived. The cops dragged the woman out of the car, arrested her and went back for Kahn.

The video from a police car's dash cam is from a distance, but appears to show police pinning Kahn down on the ground, which Kahn says resulted in a broken left arm.

Michael J. McKenna, one of Kahn's lawyers, said the video "demonstrates a use of force by police against a 60-year-old man so excessive that it can only be called sickening."

McKenna added that Kahn was taken to a police station, not a hospital, notes the Courier Post.

The lawsuit says that Kahn's passenger got into an argument with a store clerk who refused to sell her tobacco without an ID. While Kahn's passenger was arrested for disorderly conduct, the lawsuit claims that Officer Jeremy Bright thought he witnessed Kahn “nudge” evidence of a smoked joint into a coffee cup.

Bright pulled Kahn out of the car “without giving Mr. Kahn time to unbuckle his seat belt," according to the lawsuit.

Bright allegedly slammed Kahn face-first into the ground and held his left arm back while Officer William Lancenese “applied weight and force on top of Mr. Kahn."

Bright allegedly “suddenly and with great force” broke Kahn’s left arm.

Kahn's lawsuit adds that the handcuffs “caused further agony and suffering," and that other officers “did not prevent the excessive use of force or the improper use of restraint.”

According to The Free Thought Project, the charges against Kahn were dropped in a conditional plea.

Sources: The Courier-Post, The Free Thought Project / Photo Credit: The Courier-Post via YouTube

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