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Lawrence Labonte, 51, Arrested for Urging Dog to Attack Swan in Florida Park

Four days after the Orlando Police Department received a report that a witness had photos and an eyewitness account of a man unleashing a Dachshund and urging it to attack Joe, a young male swan, at Lake Eola Park, Lawrence Labonte, 51, was placed under arrested on charges of cruelty to animals and fighting or baiting animals.

Labonte was arrested Saturday in Seminole County, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

"Orlando Police Detectives were able to establish through the investigation that this was an intentional act by the dog owner," Orlando Police Sgt. Jim Young wrote in an email.

Park rangers reported the incident to police Tuesday morning, March 5, according to the Orlando Sentinel. A witness told the rangers that she saw a man take the dog off its leash at the downtown Orlando park and allow it to attack the swan at about 4 p.m. on Sunday.

The witness photographed the attack and the owner's face and submitted the photos to police, according to the report

Veterinarians at the Winter Park Veterinary Hospital were forced to euthanize the beautiful swan after examining him and determining that he had suffered severe nerve damage to his leg and had "little chance of recovery," according to police documents.

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Source: Orlando Sentinel


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