Lawrence Bradley Attempts To Rob With Fake Gun But Foiled By Clerk With Real Gun


Chicago police say a robber tried to hold up an electronics store with a fake gun only to have the clerk pull out his own gun – a real one.

Lawrence Bradley, 25, was charged with two felonies: armed robbery and aggravated battery after he walked into an electronics store and aimed the gun at the clerk and demanded money, the Chicago Tribune reports.

But the clerk refused to go down that easily as he reached into a safe, pulled out a real gun, and fired twice. The only reason why the clerk only fired twice was because the gun jammed, according to police.

Bradley grabbed the clerk’s gun, hit him in the face and head with it, and ran out of the store, jumping into a car driven by a woman.

Police managed to catch up with Bradley after he walked into St. Margaret Health Hospital with gunshot wounds, 30 miles away from where the attempted robbery took place. The clerk’s gun was recovered after Bradley “implicated himself,” while the fake gun was found at the store, according to a police report.

The 23-year-old store clerk was taken to Saint Francis Hospital where he was treated for small lacerations on his face and on the top of his head.

Bradley was set to appear in court Wednesday. It is unclear whether or not the store clerk knew Bradley’s gun was fake or whether the clerk possesses a valid Firearm Owner Identification card, which is required to legally possess guns or ammunition in the state of Illinois, according to

The Chicago Tribune reported seven other separate incidents where people were shot throughout Chicago Monday right.

Sources:, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Police Department


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