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Law Student Speaks Out Against Criticism Of How She Dresses

An 18-year-old law student at London’s Royal Holloway University has gone public with her frustration at being judged for how she dresses to attend lectures.

Paula Ursu, a first year student from Turkey, explained in an article entitled “I'm fed up of people thinking I'm dumb because I dress nicely for lectures” that she had been criticized by other students for doing her hair, wearing makeup and dressing smartly. The article was published in the student newspaper "The Tab" on Oct. 21.

“People would say to me ‘oh you look dressed up for university’ and I would get strange looks from girls who then wouldn't talk to me,” Ursu wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

“In the beginning, I tried to explain myself, but now I just think it's none of anyone's business how I choose to look,” she added.

Paula considers herself a feminist, and she explained that the way she dresses helps her personally.

“If I like the way I look I'm more confident and I work better. I do it for myself, not anyone else,” Ursu wrote.

She added that what bothers her the most is when people assume she's dumb because of the way she dresses.

“I'm working hard towards my law degree; I speak five languages; I go to the gym every other day; I go to societies; I volunteer to teach English to refugees; I kind of have a social life; and I still have the time to dress up,” she wrote.

The law student noted that since raising her concerns, she has been encouraged by supportive comments from other students.

“We should be empowering each other, and the way I dress makes me feel empowered,” Ursu said, according to Daily Mail.

Ursu added that she doesn't care how other people dress for class.

“There will always be some people who like sleeping longer in the morning rather than waking up early and getting ready for a long time but others don't and both ways of doing things are fine,” she wrote. “What's not fine is people acting like they deserve a trophy for leaving the house without having a look in the mirror.”

Sources: The TabDaily Mail, / Photo credit: Ian Holton/Flickr, Jorg Weingrill/Flickr


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