Law Student Sent To Jail For False Rape Allegations

A law school graduate will have to spend time behind bars after she falsely accused her boyfriend of raping her.

30-year-old Rhiannon Brooker accused her boyfriend Paul Fensome, 46, made up the rape claims so she could have an excuse for failing the legal exams. Reports say that Brooker also accused Fensome of punching her in the stomach to force her into a miscarriage. Brooker reportedly told officials at the University of the West of England that she suffered from “extenuating circumstances” that prohibited her from performing well on her tests.

After Brooker made the shocking allegations, Fensome was arrested and charged and held in police custody for 36 days before investigators were able to determine that his alibis checked out.

Soon after Fensome was cleared, Brooker signed a statement saying that her initial allegations were made up, although she later retracted it. Still, she was arrested, charged, and eventually found guilty of 12 charges of perverting the court of justice.

“Rhiannon Brooker was a bright star and shining example of what can be achieved by those who lack special privileges,” said Judge Julian Lambert. “All that went terribly wrong with tragic consequences when she began to lie. These lies had a terrible, corrosive effect. The effect was like ripples spreading through a pool of sadness. The effect continues today. Rhiannon Brooker lied and lied and lied again and was relentless in her attempts to mislead. She does bear the ultimate responsibility for circulating then doggedly pursuing false rape allegations. Prison is a terrible humiliation and degradation, particularly for a person of previous good character. The irony is that is what she inflicted on her former partner.”

Brooker has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail for the false rape allegations against Fensome.


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