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Vermont Man Rob MacIver Wrongly Accused of Running Red Light, Takes Cops to Court (Video)

The defendants in Rob MacIver’s red-light ticket case are members of the police department and his town’s administration, but neither of them showed up to the hearing on Friday.

MacIver, a 56-year-old Vermont man, is looking to win $2,000 for the damages he incurred while protesting a ticket he received for supposedly running a red light last December, according to

MacIver says he didn't go through a red light and the police’s video proved his point. However, police have insisted he violated the law.

"Their default was dishonesty in every encounter," MacIver said.

Judge Samuel Hoar, who is presiding over the case against the officers, postponed the hearing and said he thinks it would be a good idea for the defendants to show up next time.

"I'm sorry, I was looking forward to this," Hoar admitted.

In March, MacIver brought the violation to a traffic court, and the police officer who ticketed him testified that he ran the red light. MacIver said he was angered by the officer’s testimony, but the judge sided with MacIver after reviewing the tape and ultimately criticized the officer.

The defendants were reportedly found in a coffee shop near the courthouse on Friday during the hearing, so it is unclear why they weren’t able to make the scheduled proceedings.



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