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Laura Ingraham On GOP Racism: We’re Not The Ones Who Failed America’s Black Youth (Video)

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham told Fox News on Tuesday that Steve Israel’s statement that the Republican Party is “animated by racism” is “reprehensible” and that Democrats don’t get to play the race card because the “majority of Americans do not consider Barack Obama black.”

Ingraham told “Fox & Friends” that Democrats accuse conservatives of being racist, when it’s the other way around.

“Steve Israel is reprehensible in what he said. Nancy Pelosi, throw her into the ring. And I say this is a race to the bottom," Ingraham said.

“The Democrats have failed the black youth in this country with their terrible economic approach. Do we call that racist?” she continued.

She claimed that liberal support for women’s reproductive right is slaughtering African American children.

“They turn their heads away from the millions upon millions of black babies slaughtered in the womb over ten years,” Ingraham added. “Is that racist?”

“Is it racist that they allow inner cities continue to crumbles as families decay across the board in America — especially hard hit is African-American families. It is reprehensible and it’s all about November,” she continued. “This is not about ‘They care about black people.’ They care about their majority eroding away.”

She said Democrats are never called out on racism.

“You can’t level charges like that without real evidentiary basis,” she said. “But they’re never called on this.”

“The majority of Americans do not consider Barack Obama black,” she added, “they consider him mixed race, which of course is what he is, he’s half white and he’s half black.”

Sources: MediaitePolitico


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