Laura Ingraham Says Ferguson Protesters Are 'Lynch Mob'


Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham says protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, are the equivalent of a “lynch mob” and dismissed the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown as a “local, criminal” story.

She insisted that there is no newsworthy event happening in Ferguson but rather a media presence that "perpetuates the unrest and the discontent on the ground."

"You bring in the satellite trucks and then people start playing to the cameras on scene," Ingraham said on her Thursday show, according to Media Matters.

Back in April, Ingraham called threats against the government from Cliven Bundy supporters an “act of civil disobedience.”

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters held a standoff against federal officials with the Bureau of Land Management who demanded payment from Bundy for allowing his cattle to graze on federal lands. When Bundy and his family appeared on Ingraham’s radio show they told her they "just don't want to pay the federal government,” Newsmax reported.

"I asked them, 'Is this an act of civil disobedience?' It seems to be that's what they're doing," Ingraham told "Fox & Friends.”

Ingraham argued that the federal government shouldn’t have a right to the land.

"We have to remember that nothing in the U.S. Constitution really allows for the federal government to buy up millions of acres of land and use it for whatever purposes they want,” she said.

"They have the ability to set up ports and military bases,” she added. “But now, I think, there are a lot of Western states, especially, that are trying to push back against this land grab by the federal government.”

Sources: Media Matters, Newsmax

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / blue cheddar


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