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Laundry Rage Caught On Tape: Kenneth Wood Assaults 75-Year-Old Man Over Dryer Dispute In Fort Myers, Fla.

In what is being termed a case of “laundry rage,” a 75-year-old Fort Myers, Fla., man was thrown to the ground and kicked after arguing with another laundromat patron over the use of a dryer.

Lee County Sherrif’s deputies on Wednesday busted Kenneth Wood after examining a surveillance video of the Sept. 9 assault at Super Matt Laundry in Fort Myers.

The video can be seen below. A still frame from the video showing Dimitrelos on the floor after Wood has first thrown him down, is pictured at right.

According to deputies, the victim, Alexandros Dimitrelos, was preparing to place his clothes in a dryer when Wood approached him and insisted that he, Wood, was about to use the same dryer.

When Dimitrelos pointed out that Wood’s clothes were still in a washing machine while his own were ready to be dried, Wood asked, “Do you think you own this dryer?”

The older man called the 55-year-old Wood “an idiot.” Wood then shoved him to the ground.

Dimitrelos rose to his feet and tried to make a cell phone call, possibly to call police. But Wood threw his back to the floor and this time, kicked the elderly man when he was down. He finished off his outburst by grabbing the man’s cell phone and smashing it.

Identifying Wood from the video, deputies tracked him down and arrested him. He is being held on a charge of felony battery on a person 65 years or older. Bail has been set at $150,000.

For allegedly destroying Dimitrelos's phone, Wood also faces a count of felony criminal mischief.

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