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Laughable Study: Women Better Car-Parkers than Men

In the most flawed study in the history of flawed studies, a study out of England claims -- get this -- than women park cars better than men.

Take a moment to stop laughing before reading on.

The newspaper The Telegraph reports that a British parking lot company commissioned the survey. Researchers watched some 2,500 drivers park their cars in the company's lots over the course of a month.

They found that women achieved an overall parking score of 13.4 out of 20, compared to 12.3 for men. It's not known how blind the researchers were.

They claim that women were better in finding spots, more accurate in lining things up before heading into the spot, and were more likely to back into the spot, which is apparently the "preferred method," in England, anyway.

Men were far better in driving forward into a spot and did so with more confidence. However they were less likely to straighten out their cars once they were in a spot. Men also parked faster -- 16 seconds as compared to slow-poke women who clocked in at an average 21 seconds.

Women used the extra time to center themselves in spots -- 52% of women parked in the middle, while just 25% were centered.

Big deal, said James May, host of the car show "Top Gear."

“You have to take into consideration the cars parked next to you – you ought to be judged on how central you are to them," he told the newspaper.

But race car driver and TV host Vicki Butler-Henderson said, “Parking in a space is obviously different to reverse parallel parking, but I’m delighted that the fairer sex has come out on top – the findings ring true from my experience.

“Women do take more time, but I know a lot of male racing drivers who win races and are incredible round a track but can’t park for toffee.”

Whatever that means.

So okay, maybe women are better parkers in England. But let's see the results of a study conducted when the driver sits on the correct left side of the car. Men will certainly rule then!


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