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Latin American Idol Winner Martha Heredia Busted with 2.9 Pounds of Heroin Stuffed in High Heels

Martha Heredia was arrested on Wednesday after authorities discovered 2.9 pounds of heroin stuffed into the heels of her platform shoes. A native of the Dominican Republic, Heredia won “Latin American Idol” in 2009 and was widely beloved in her home country. The 22-year-old was attempting to board a plane to New York when the drugs were found in her footwear. She has been charged with drug smuggling

After police found the drugs concealed in three pairs of shoes in Heredia’s suitcase, they ordered her to have X-rays taken in order to see if she was hiding any drugs in her body. According to The Huffington Post, none were found. If she is found guilty of the smuggling charge, Heredia could face more than 10 years behind bars. Police are questioning the young woman to determine if she was working as a mule for a drug cartel.

General Prosecutor Francisco Dominguez issued the following statement about Heredia’s situation:

“It's very sad that young people who have so much promise, who were bestowed by life with all the grace in the world and an unquestionable talent, because of ambition, bad advice or simply to obtain money see themselves in situations like this,” he said.

After winning the “Idol” contest in 2009, Heredia has had other legal problems. Heredia hit and killed a teenage Haitian boy with her car as he tried to cross a highway in December of 2010. She was ordered to pay the boy’s family $275,000 as part of the lawsuit. She furthered angered the boy's relatives by not meeting with them to offer her condolences. 

“That's not right,” Elvys Vandredi, the victim's father, told a local TV station. The interview with Vandredi was being conducted for a feature on Heredia entitled, “What happened to Martha Heredia?”

During her interview for the piece, Heredia blamed her manager for her problems. “I need a person who barely sleeps, someone who is constantly connected to social media,” she said.

Source: (The Huffington Post)


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