Latest News on Batman Massacre: While in Custody, Suspect Uses Evidence Bags as Puppets

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After he allegedly shot moviegoers during a midnight showing of 'The Dark Knight Rises' in Aurora, Colorado, last week, suspect James Holmes used police evidence bags as hand puppets.

Sources told CALL-7 that when police placed evidence bags over Holmes' hands to preserve evidence, such as  gunshot and/or explosive residue, he began playing with the bags as if they were puppets.

In addition, an inmate (since released) said that Holmes was acting "crazy" by spitting at anyone and everything.

Holmes' mother, Arlene Holmes, who lives in San Diego, California, told her adopted son to seek counseling, reported the Washington Post.

According to reports, James Holmes was adopted by Arlene and her husband Robert Holmes, and they raised him as one of their own children.

The Daily Mail reports that Holmes might have split from a girlfriend and may have been struggling in school before dropping out, earlier this year.


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