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Late Daughter Surprises Parents With Anniversary Gift

Although their daughter passed away from cancer, a Kansas couple learned that she is still looking after them.

Nikki liked to treat her parents to Outback Steakhouse for their anniversary, which happens to fall on her birthday, Dec. 15.

"That's where Nikki liked to go," Nikki's dad, Eddie Garcia, told WDAF News.

However, in July 2014, she passed away after fighting cancer for 3.5 years. 

Last year, the couple was still grieving and did not want to go.

Nikki's only son, Chris Stathopoulos, decided to accompany his grandparents to the restaurant this year.

"We got seated and had a wonderful dinner, and the manager came out and brought us desert and told us the bill was taken care of," Garcia said. "I thought Christopher did it, and he said it wasn't him, and the manager told us she understands we had a tragedy last year, and from that point on my wife was crying, and everything just pretty much went over my head."

When the couple returned home, they called their daughter, Jamie, to thank her for the gift. She said that she didn’t pay for the dinner, but that Nikki had set everything up when she knew that her time was soon coming to an end.

"She was the most thoughtful person in the whole world," Garcia said. "She was the glue that held our family together."

"It was just nice that my mom is still taking care of my grandmother and my grandfather, even without her being here," Stathopoulos said. "It was just special for me, being her only child, knowing that I had such a great mom."

A letter written by Heather McManamy, who had recently died of breast cancer, made national headlines over the summer for its humor, wit and profound sentiment, the Daily Mail reports. 

She had written over 40 letters to give to her 4-year-old daughter to mark milestones she would miss, and the final letter to her loved ones was posted on Facebook by her husband on Dec. 15.

McManamy told ABC News that she hoped her story would inspire others to leave something behind for their children after they’re gone.

Sources: WDAF News, The Daily Mail, ABC News / Photo credit: WDAF News

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