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Last Moments of Las Vegas Killers Caught on Video

A video showing the last moments of Jerad Miller and his wife Amanda at a Las Vegas, Nev., Walmart has been released by authorities.

On Sunday, the Millers entered a Vegas pizza parlor where they shot and killed two police officers, Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo, who were on break, noted the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The couple took the officers' weapons, ammunition and badges, and then covered the bodies with the "Don't Tread on Me" Gadsden flag, which is popular with the Tea Party.

Miller and his wife then went to a nearby Walmart where Amanda killed bystander Joseph Wilcox who pulled a gun on Jerad.

The Millers later exchanged gunfire with police inside the store.

In the video surveillance footage (below), it appears that Amanda is firing a handgun at her husband in some sort of suicide pact, but Assistant Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill told NBC News, “None of the rounds that she fired hit him.”

Jerad had already been shot by police when Amanda pointed her gun at him and fired. She then turned the handgun on herself and pulled the trigger.

Before the video goes dark (the moment Amanda shot herself), a police officer can be heard saying she was about to commit a “405,” which is police code for suicide.

Sources: Las Vegas Review Journal and NBC News


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