'The Last Dragon' Star Leo O'Brien Shot 3 Times

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Leo O'Brien, who starred in the 1985 martial arts-musical 'The Last Dragon,' was shot three times in the stomach after an argument over a chair on Monday in Harlem.

"I'm feeling better than I was a couple of days ago," O'Brien told the Daily News from his bed at Harlem Hospital (pictured with his daughter). "I was in intensive care but just for one day. I'm a fast healer - kind of a mutant....I've been told if this had happened to someone else, they'd be dead."

Police arrested Travis Breckenridge and charged him with attempted murder and gun possession. As to what triggered the shooting, police say Breckenridge was in a chair and got up, then O'Brien sat down. The accused gunman then wanted the chair back.

"It's about f------ time," Breckenridge said to O'Brien. Then O'Brien felt a stinging sensation in his abdomen and asked Breckenridge: "You got a BB gun?"

"The second bullet hit me in the stomach," O'Brien, recalled. "I knew then it was a real gun....The third bullet hit me in the arm. He didn't say anything to me. He started crying and ran away. He was my homeboy. Did we have a problem before he shot me? No. I don't know why he shot me. He was scared. Maybe he thought I would hurt him?"

O'Brien runs a small music studio, owns a convenience store in Harlem and operates a company that sells magazines door-to-door. He hasn't done much acting since "The Last Dragon," but said he's working on producing and directing a movie.

Taimak Guariello, who played O'Brien's big brother in 'The Last Dragon,' posted on Twitter about the shooting: "I haven't seen him in about 15 years. I don't hear from anybody until they're almost dead."


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